"It is bloody brilliant and works surprisingly well. It retains all the things I love about punk. Great meaningful lyrics, proper punk vocals. Well done, fantastic stuff!"

sammyc.71, Instagram (FunkPunk)

"This live album captures RT-Zed in full flow, blasting out their energetic rock 'n' roll tunes for a cheering crowd. The ten tracks are cut from across their back catalogue of three studio albums and show that SLF drummer Steve Grantley can do the frontman thing pretty damn well."

Vive Le Rock Magazine (Crunch)

"Zed Hed is a rare triumph, a massive surprise – unusual in this tired rock ‘n’ roll age where bands seem to be coasting and going through the motions; few are making records like this anymore – it screams here have some of this!"

Rock Regeneration (Zed Hed)

"This dirty rock n roll really hits the spot with stand out tracks like “Too Far In To Get Out” ,” Room No 5″ and “Everything’s On Sale” sounding superb with their skilfully played driving guitars alongside very infectious choruses which gives this album every chance of appearing in many peoples music collections very soon."

Louder Than War (Zed Hed)

"The album certainly meets expectations and on every repeated listen begins to exceed them with ease as the strength of the tunes and song writing manage to burrow into your subconscious. The surprise to me is that there is a real mix on the album which helps to keep it fresh and exciting rather than flowing into one with nothing standing out."

In The Poppy Fields (Zed Hed)

"The opening track Invocation sets the album off nicely with a real rabble rouser, but the album lurches towards a much rockier sound and some damn good songs with a much poppier feel but very much guitar based and shows a more sensitive side to what you might expect."

With Guitars (Zed Hed)

If you’re a fan of the kind of beer-soaked rock ‘n’ roll of The Wildhearts or the like, then this album from a punk rock legend is well worth your time. An experienced musician spreading his musical wings in style."

Big Cheese Magazine (Zed Hed)