Zed Hed CD

Image of Zed Hed CD

The Zed Hed album in CD format.

Track listings:

1. Invocation
2. You Are Free
3. Room No. 5
4. Pretty Ugly
5. Get What You Want
6. Jonee
7. In The Blood
8. She Was Bad
9. Beneath The Shadow
10. Too Far In To Get Out
11. Everything's On Sale
12. Deja Voodoo
13. Premonition
14. 11:11

"This dirty rock n roll really hits the spot with stand out tracks like “Too Far In To Get Out” ,” Room No 5″ and “Everything’s On Sale” sounding superb with their skilfully played driving guitars alongside very infectious choruses which gives this album every chance of appearing in many peoples music collections very soon."
-- Louder Than War

"Zed Hed is a rare triumph, a massive surprise – unusual in this tired rock ‘n’ roll age where bands seem to be coasting and going through the motions; few are making records like this anymore – it screams here have some of this!"
-- Rock Regeneration