Due to popular demand, RT-Zed's 2013 album Zed Hed is to be re-pressed as part of a special vinyl and CD package, released in early 2016.

The reason for the second pressing of Zed Hed, the album we released in 2013, is simply down to demand. People wanted it but the initial pressing sold out and so I decided to have more pressed up.

Due to the revival of vinyl I had to wait quite a while to receive the new batch. We were also working on a new website so I decided to delay the release of the fresh vinyl to coincide with the launch of the site.

I made Zed Hed with vinyl specifically in mind. In these days of downloads and CD’s which can be made by anyone, vinyl seemed the ‘proper’ and only way to go. I mixed and mastered with that format in mind; I used analogue tape and minimal digitising. I went old school, in my heart and mind it was always destination vinyl.

I think the music sounds deeper and warmer on 180 gram, now - i could well be imagining it but anyhow, it feels so authentic. The ritual of playing vinyl has never ceased to entertain me and it’s truly wonderful to hear your own music coming off plastic.

At the moment this new Vinyl and CD package is the only way to get Zed Hed. There will be a double CD package of Zed Hed and the ’live’ album Crunch later in the year and a re-release of the first RT-Zed album Return To Zero but for the moment the second pressing of Zed Hed is our only offering.

It’s the best thing you can do for your stylus, so sit back and enjoy.

Click here to order your copy from the RT-Zed Store.

Steve Grantley
February 2016